Upload old books and share them to earn reward points

Refer and Earn Paytm Cash

Earn Reward Points by uploading your old books and share them.

Steps to get reward points:

1. Register & Login in this site by filling up your details or using your Google or Facebook account.

2. Upload your old books for share/sell/lend under 'AddNew->Add Book' section.

3. Thats all, your old book will start earning a reward point(worth 50paise) for every view by other registered users.

4. You can promote your uploaded books in your social networks like facebook, twitter and whatsapp etc...

5. You can earn a maximum of 200 reward points for every book in a span of 60 days from the day you upload the book.

6. At the end of 60th day you will get your Cash worth of your reward points will be transferred to your any wallet (Paytm, GPay, Phone Pe) linked to your mobile.

7. Minimum of 50 reward points should be available for a book to get cash reward at the end of 60th day.

8. If once reward points for a book are paid to the user then that book will be out of this reward scheme, but the book will be available for other users to take.

Note: Users are requested to register/update and verify your mobile number linked with any Wallet like (Paytm, GPay, Phone Pe) to transfer your Cash reward.

Please login to post your old books